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Image of woman wearing Ocean Meets Green Moana golf polo in navy and Tide skirt in white, hitting a drive


The beginning of cool golf fits!

OCEAN MEETS GREEN is an athletic golf wear brand founded by the 2023 European Mid-Am Champion Alena Oppenheimer.

The Hoodie Trend On The Golf Course

Golf Hoodies by Ocean Meets Green

A Quick Word On Golf Fashion And How It’s Changed

Golf fashion is often associated with traditional and rather boring clothes. There used to be strict style requirements and dress codes which defined golf fashion for a long time. But since the game became more approachable and more popular with younger players, golf fashion saw a shift as well (and we love to see it!).

With that more and more young golf fashion brands are emerging and disrupting traditional styles on the golf course. They’ve introduced bold prints, shorter skirts and new takes on the traditional polo shirts and….hoodies.

The Golf Hoodie - Is It Here To Stay? We Hope So! 

Image of all Ocean Meets Green Hoodies in a collage

Traditionally hoodies were a streetstyle piece. Up until a few years ago it was impossible to think they would become part of the golf wardrobe one day. This kind of style would have been considered too casual and not appropriate for the golf course by the majority of clubs.

But (luckily!) things have changed: Since circa 2020 when Tyrell Hatton wore a hoodie winning the BMW PGA Championship, hoodies have made their way into golf fashion. We’re now seeing many different versions of them worn by pros and amateurs alike. And we’re happy to say that we’re part of the trend and created an Ocean Meets Green hoodie for you.

In standard Ocean Meets Green fashion, we made sure that it doesn’t just look good. We also added a smart feature: The hood is connected to the back through a magnet, keeping it in place during the swing (disclaimer - it passed the test of 180+mph ball speed - go test it yourself).

Can You Wear A Hoodie On The Golf Course?

Image of Ocean Meets Green men's golf hoodie Wave in pine worn by Yannic on the course

As you might have realised from this article, we’re definitely team hoodie.

I believe that of course you can wear a hoodie on the golf course! In my opinion it’s extremely important that you feel comfortable in what you wear.

Different generations enjoy different styles. Why should this be different on the golf course. If you like it, wear it, and enjoy it.

How To Pick The Right Golf Hoodie For You?

When picking a hoodie for yourself, comfort is key. Pick the fit, look and fabric that you like best. Generally, a slightly thinner fabric probably works better as it doesn’t impact your swing.

If you’re looking for a hoodie with a smart feature made for golfers, go check out our hoodie collection here. The smart magnet-feature definitely makes it a special piece for the golf course and beyond. Perfect for chilly early morning tee times of long summer nights outside.

Now go and pimp your wardrobe with the latest golf fashion item and enjoy hoodie season!

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