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OCEAN MEETS GREEN is an athletic golf wear brand founded by the 2023 European Mid-Am Champion Alena Oppenheimer.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Length for Your Golf Skirt

A Guide to Choosing the Right Length for Your Golf Skirt

For female golfers, the right outfit can make a significant difference in both comfort and performance on the golf course. As a golfer myself, I know too well how important these aspects are and how they can influence my overall performance.

One staple item in most female golfer's wardrobe is the skirt, also referred to as skort. However, it's not always easy finding a skirt that ticks all the boxes. If you're a female golfer reading this you probably know too well what I'm talking about. 

In this guide, I'll explore 3 skirt lengths and offer tips on choosing the one that suits your personal style and enhances your golf game.

To answer your burning question up front: can I wear a short skirt on the golf course? 
The short answer is: yes.

Personally I think it is important to still look 'dressed'.

There is a point where short becomes too short. In my opinion every female golfer can determine where that point is for her.

But I'd like to, the golf course is not the right place to show off your butt cheeks while hitting drives.

The Classic Knee-Length:

Traditionally, knee-length golf skirts have been a popular choice among female golfers. Back in the day when regulations around golf attire were a lot stricter than they are today women were not allowed to wear skirts shorter than a hand-width above the knee. 

Which sounds like a nightmare to all young girls out there who like dressing somewhat sporty.

Luckily, dress regulations have evolved over the years and adapted to the modern female golfer. Which doesn't mean that you have to follow this trend. 

So, if you appreciate a classic look and prefer a bit of extra coverage around your legs, a knee-length golf skirt might be the perfect choice for you.

Just make sure the fabric is stretchy enough for you to move freely. You don't want your swing to feel restricted by the skirt.

The Sporty Mid-Thigh:

If you're looking to infuse a bit of athleticism into your golf outfit, mid-thigh length skirts are an excellent option.

This style brings a more contemporary and sporty feel to your look, while still providing enough coverage for comfort and confidence on the golf course.

As with knee-lenght skirts, I recommend looking for a fabric that comes with enough stretch to not hinder your swing.

Pssst: I heard that you’d love a longer version of our TIDE skirt. So the mid-thigh option is something I'm currently looking into. If you’d like to stay up to date regarding new products, sign up to the newsletter here.

The Trendy Golf Skirt:

Short golf skirts have gained popularity among fashion-forward female golfers. They offer a modern and sporty look.

Perfect for the women who want to add an extra pinch of athleticism to their golf outfit and the girls who want to be anything but traditional on the golf course.

This is also my personal favorite.

However, it's essential to strike a balance between style and practicality. Built-in pants are a non-negotiable. 

Luckily we’ve done the hard work for you. Our golf skirts are designed with functionality and comfort in mind. They are just the right combination of sporty and chic.

Designed by European Champion Alena Oppenheimer, the TIDE skirt has everything you need to feel comfortable from tee to green.

It comes with 4 practical pockets, built-in pants, an elastic waistband and breathable stretchy fabric. What else could you ask for? 

This is what the navy version looks like on Nina & Nina:

Ocean Meets Green | Tide skirt navy


Tips for Choosing the Right Golf Skirt for You:

Consider your comfort:

An aspect that's often overlooked is feeling comfortable in your outfit. When you wear something you feel confident in, it will rub off on your performance and how you carry yourself during a tournament.

It’s also a good idea to check whether your skirt has an elastic waistband. Not only does it give you freedom of movement, it also leaves room for those days you may feel a little bloated (yep, we're keeping it real here).

Stay true to your style:

If you like dressing sporty and would like to take that style to the course – go ahead! There’s nothing worse than not feeling yourself in the clothes you’re wearing.

Choose a length that you like. If you’re not comfortable in short skirts, go for the length that makes you feel good about yourself.

Either extreme (too long or too short) will likely result in you not feeling yourself when looking down. And you're going to look down on yourself a lot...during every swing to be precise. 

Additional details to consider:

Some details which I consider a must-have for a golf skirt are:

  • built-in pants 
  • elastic waistband
  • 4 pockets which are designed for purpose and fit golf-related accessories
  • breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics  

A Final Note

Finding the right golf skirt is a personal choice that depends on your style preferences, and comfort level.

Whether you prefer the classic knee-length, the sporty mid-thigh, or the trendy short skirt, the key is to find balance between your style and functionality.

If you have more questions or comments about our Tide skirt, send me an email to: - I look foirward to hearing from you.

Alena xx

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